Sunday, April 22, 2012

I am in Love

'The Masterwork of a Painting Elephant' has captured my heart!

Is there anything better than finding a book you don't want to end?  I don't want to finish this delightful little book. I want to live with it, and in it as long as I can.

This is a story of a boy and an elephant.  More importantly, it is a story of love. 

The little boy was abandoned by his parents and now lives with the elephant, and in Chapter 4 he says:

"The only other thing I ever dreamed was that I could hear my mama crying softly in the next room, but when I woke, the only sound was Birch's (the elephant) breathing.  Can you even imagine that?  Missing someone so much you would give anything just to hear her cry again?"

I believe everyone who has ever loved, can imagine that.  I am so glad I can imagine that deep longing, that driven desire, and the miraculous blessing of love.

I love that this book, which I am reading to the kids, reaches into my heart and reminds me how lucky I am to love.