Monday, June 25, 2012

Pictures from Summer

Summer has felt like a whirlwind.  It has been chaotic and dramatic with all sorts of mood swings, and I am not talking about mine!  The kids have been a mess!  

Yet, we have managed to have a few delightful moments.

It is always good to look at pictures to see that the kids were not screaming, crying, whining, and begging all day every day.  As my Mom said, Attitude is Everything, and today I choose to remember the smiles not the trials.

Our Swimmer

Our rager!  We did the lipstick to stop a tantrum.
It worked, this time!

Best Buddies

From happy to very mad in moments.
She looks like a different child with this smile....

versus this 'stink eye', of which we see plenty!!

Ready to hike, well he is.

Ready to bike.

Oh, that smile, it gets me all the time.

We end as we began with the swimmer!

Hopefully, I can keep this up - it is fun to blog again!
Are there enough !!!!!s ?
 They mean I feel happy.  This is pretty remarkable given the craziness of life these days!!!!!!  Today I choose joy!