Friday, September 28, 2012

Dead Sea Bits

We have had a decent week home schooling.  Our best weeks are those when we don't do much out of the house - except working on our 100 mile club (we are on mile 12).

This week we did more out of the house, which makes life a little too chaotic.

However, the few things we did out of the house were fun.  I am trying to relax and enjoy these excursions, and then work hard when we are home.

Andrew is learning double digit multiplication, so it could be a rough day, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that day 2 (of 43 x 27), goes better than day one!!!

We started the week picking up our chickens.  Well, our chicken eggs.  We are currently on day 6 of incubating them, and we still only have eggs.  We hope to see some chickens this weekend. It is great fun waiting for the big day!

We had lesson 4 of tennis which the boys love!

We are studying Ancient History so a trip to see the Dead Sea Scrolls was a great field trip.  However, we renamed them the Dead Sea Bits.  There was a LOT of very old pottery which was fascinating, but only a few scraps of the scrolls.  Still, It was amazing to see the original written words of the Bible.

A 3,000 year old bathtub.  I am coveting this tub, and want a replica!