Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer 2013: July 10th

The usual:  swim practice, driving to appointments, ending the day with a bath swim.

We have loved the busy-ness of daily swim practice, AND we will be glad when we finish.  Adam has especially loved it!  He never complains.  He never tires.  He loves loves loves the swimming, but not the competing.

Throughout the hours of laps and drills, he always finds a way to play while practicing (aka - scuba diving).  He is happiest when he is in the water, and this summer he has been very happy.

Practices ends.  We pick up Big A from gymnastics and head off to a day of appointments.

We could live in the car for days, if need be.

Home from appointments, we cool down and take our Summer 'bath.'  Even Little Miss joins in (sometimes), but not very happily.