Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer 2013: July 21st

Even though I have a million things to do, I played hookie.  I decided we needed an adventure, so we went kayaking/canoeing.  It was wonderful.

Since adopting Lexa, I have had to sacrifice SO VERY MUCH.  Having a special needs child, is incredibly hard, demanding, and time consuming.  I so much miss hiking, biking, exploring, adventuring, so we did a little of that today. 

It was fantastic to reconnect with that part of myself.  I can hardly wait until the next adventure.

 Getting ready ... One big pout, and two big smiles.

Adam has been known to HATE boats, but he was very willing to try again.
He said we should do 'this' every Sunday. 

Andrew and I loved the Ocean Kayak.  It was smooth, fast and easy to handle.

We were not supposed to swim, but the water was too inviting.
 Everyone but Dad jumped in.

These pictures are for Blainey .... it takes a lot of courage to post these less than perfect photos!

 Andrew took this picture ... He made the point that Mom is carrying the heavy bag, the heavy cooler, and Dad ... well Dad is carrying 2 noodles.