Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer 2013: July 27th


Andrew and Dad have been gone for 4 days.  It has been a LONG 4 days.
Andrew is normally the only kid interested in my adventures.
Trying to convince the other two that a hike sounds like a good idea ....
WELL .... it almost ruins the hike, all the bickering and complaining.

However, today, I was going for a hike no matter what.
Thank you God, they willingly joined and enjoyed the adventure.

We went to a trail that I used to hike weekly, with Duchess.
Duchess would run off leash, jump in the creek, and chase squirrels.
Today, she can barely go a mile.  She is 16!!

It was a joy to walk and remember all the fun times Duchess and I had prior to our kids and her aching hips.

He started the hike as a Ninja.

 Then he became a survivalist.
His turban is to keep his head cool.

 Then he was the photographer who only wanted goofy shots.

 Well earned smiles ... as they are not very frequent.
I used to take them for granted.
Now, a smile, is like Gold.

 Amazing nature.