Friday, October 11, 2013

Homeschool Weekly Wrap-up

It has been a hard week, for me.

Fortunately, the boys have enjoyed great Fall weather, and relaxing school days.

I want to list the fun HS projects we did this week, but there were none.  We did enjoy reading about King 'Alfie' of England (our endearing nickname).  Even more fun, I found Famous Men of the Middle Ages for free on Amazon Prime. 

Tidbit of interest:  Alfred the Great built England's first navy and won England's first Naval Battle. 

We continue to slog along with boring grammar - why is it the same stuff year after year?

The boys have added IXL math to their daily regime.  It is hard for them, and requires sustained focus and accuracy.  These are qualities our active boys resist.  However, I believe they are great qualities to develop.  Hopefully, I can stand firm and watch them grow through this challenging learning process.

Our daughter, who struggles with severed emotional issues, has spent the week in torment.  Tormenting herself, her brothers, and me.  It has not been fun.  I am now considering alternative schooling options for her.  I believe she needs to be home, but how long can I take the abuse?

I want to end on a positive thought ..... my morning runs have been on the treadmill (which I and our dog detest); however, it has given me the chance to listen to a fabulous book, The Joy Diet.  Love it!

Even better, I type this at 8am, and all 3 kids are still in bed!  One of the many joys of Homeschooling.