Saturday, May 24, 2014

Long Weekend Adventure # 1: Climbing

It is a beautiful weekend - sunny, low humidity, and 70.  Perfect.

Perfect for discovering a gem in our backyard.  Rocks. History. Water.  

The boys took an outdoor rock climbing course in a local state park.  The park is next to an old mill, a little river, and lots of hiking trails.  It was Perfect for rock climbing for the first time - outside for the first time.  It is quite different than in a padded rock gym.

We all loved it.  

The Lesson

The Concentrating Look

Ready to Go

 Being Brave! 

Hoping the Rope does not Slow Him Down

 Loving it

 Look Closely and You can Find Him

Off to explore a Stream and More Rocks

Lexa Joined in - A Little

Adam's "Flag" 

Mom and the Cuddle Bug

 Old Mill Door