Sunday, May 25, 2014

Long Weekend Adventure #2: Hiking

Day 2 of the long weekend:  a new park for hiking.

After a few wrong turns, we found our way to another gem.

The kids are great sports, and tag along on my adventures to the newest hiking path.  They were not disappointed today.  We arrived to see this wonderful old wall that used to function as a damn.  Andrew quickly got to know the wall better than expected, as Preston drug him down a 10ft embankment.

Not surprisingly, the thorns, wet clothes, scratches, and cuts did NOT slow us down.

Another great adventure.  Another great day.

The very enticing damn wall

 Look closely and you can see Andrew & Preston leading the way.

The bumpy start was quickly overcome.

 Ready to hike, even if, a little shaken.

 All pain is forgotten while digging, throwing rocks and building damns.

What can I say?  Trying to have fun. 

 We could spend hours playing here.  

My Wonderful Tree Huggers

 How he spent the 2 hours - chasing everything!

 The embankment that Preston took Andrew down.

 Proof that it was covered in thorns.

He said, it was the coolest part of the hike.  Apparently the rest of us missed out.