Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Attachment Tuesday: Stealing

Yes, our daughter steals. Thankfully, she steals only from us, her family.

The problem is why she steals.  Here is her thought process.

"I am bad, so I steal."

"I just stole something, this proves that I am bad."

"I am bad, so I have to keep acting even more bad."

Behavior is communication, and she is constantly communicating that she believes "she is bad."

The only explanation she believes, as to why her birth parents abandoned her, is because she is bad.

She believes to the core that she is a bad girl.

The job of parents with Attachment Challenged kids is to help them see the truth.

The truth is:  she is lovable, good, cherished and she matters.

The challenge is to love the child amidst very unlovable behavior.

It can be done, love can conquer the wall of shame.  It just takes time.