Saturday, October 3, 2015

Update: Bones, Snakes and Runs

School is keeping us super busy.  When not schooling, we have been hiking, visiting the ER, chasing snakes, running cross country, and enjoying the moon.  This is our normal life.

The life we love.

 Apparently, Cross Country is an all weather sport.  This weather was not fun.  Pouring rain and 48 degrees.  As the face expresses, he was not thrilled!  Well, he was thrilled when the race was over.

A much different day for a run!

 Waiting for another run.  As you can see, Adam is not running much in his boot.  A trampoline injury has slowed him down, but not much.  He was taking a break for one legged soccer.  No wonder, he is the kid who has broken 3 bones. 

 For real,  in one day we found 2 snakes in the basement.  Let me say that again.  I found and conquered 2 snakes in the basement.  Weeks later I still worry about putting my feet on the floor and wondering what may crawl over them.

 A wonderful corn field hike.  We saw no snakes on the hike - where the snakes should be!

 Back to school, means back to science experiments.  The boys love them - Mom, not so much.

I would much prefer to study the moon and stars.